40" Adjustable Height Round Base Goal

40" Adjustable Height Round Base Goal

SKU: PE17190

Customizable goal available in 40” full-size and 20” compact versions!

There are so many games that can be played with these goals you'll never run out of uses. In the upright position, the goals can be used as a large shooting or tossing goals. Because they are on the ground, they are especially useful for younger students, adaptive PE programs, wheelchair games, and team contests or obstacle courses. 


When placed on their side, the round goals can be used as a traditional soccer or hockey goal.

They make a great target for throwing baseballs or footballs as well. Use as a large shooting goal or for 360° soccer/floor hockey. 


  • Both models come with close bottom net.
  • Adjustable height 28”, 30”, 35” & 40”


  • Excluded Round Base Goal Colored Skirts – Simple nylon fabric covers stretch over the goals top ring to convert them into unique colored goals. Set of 6 colors. Available in two sizes, 20” or 40” diameter.