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Complete Breast Examination Education Kit with Light Trainer

Complete Breast Examination Education Kit with Light Trainer

SKU: LF00975NC
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Includes the Life/form® Single Breast Examination Trainer (LF00970U), Nasco's Breast Self-Examination Poster (LF00973U), Nasco's Breast Self-Examination TearPad (LF00971U), and 5 pkgs. (25 sheets total) Nasco's Breast Self-Examination Reminder Stickers (LF00972U).


Life/form® Single Breast Examination Trainer (LF00970U)

Soft, life-like simulated breast tissue fits over a sturdy base with molded ribs. Interchangeable lumps and nodules of various sizes, shapes, and densities can be placed within the breast in any combination, offering a complete educational experience. Reddened peau d'orange area on skin represents inflammatory breast cancer (IBC). Dimpling indicates invasive disease. The Life/form® Single Breast Examination Trainer includes four soft (pink) nodules that represent normal tissue; three medium (white) lumps; and four hard (red) lumps, including a fixed-wall tumor. Lumps and nodules vary in size from 1-3 cm, are round and irregular in shape, representing both cysts and malignant tumors. Also included are baby powder, soft carry case, and instruction card. Five-year warranty

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