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Cow Eye, Plain, Individual Bag

Cow Eye, Plain, Individual Bag

SKU: LS01628M
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  • These are preserved and Vacuum packed.
  • Room temp storage (no need to refrigeration), and can use any time as required.
  • 3 months storage life, unopened.

    ·  All specimens unconditionally guaranteed

    ·  Extended shelf life with Vacu-Pac packaging

    ·  Safe to use

    ·  Odorless and nontoxic

    ·  99.7% Formaldehyde Free

    NASCO-Guard® Specimens allow students to work unhampered by the odor and messiness associated with formaldehyde, and special ventilation is not required.

    Dissection labs become a positive experience for all students when NASCO-Guard® odorless, nontoxic specimens are used.