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Introductory Bacterial Conjugation Kit (with perishables)

Introductory Bacterial Conjugation Kit (with perishables)

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Intermediate—Easy to perform; requires some background knowledge.

Developed in cooperation with Dr. Robert Thomson, formerly of Marquette University. Useful for teaching bacterial identification and the intercellular transfer of genes for antibiotic resistance between microorganisms. Students identify and confirm the identity of bacteria with different antibiotic resistance by streaking on different antibiotic selective media. Strains are then combined on a "mating" plate to allow conjugation. Results are tested on various media for growth response to demonstrate that DNA can be transferred between 2 genetically different cells. Requires an overnight culture and minimal teacher preparation. Kit is designed for 16 to 32 students working in groups of 2 or 4 (8 stations).

Note: Kit includes perishable materials. Kit and perishable components will ship separately and may arrive on different days. Antibiotic solutions and cultures last 1 month when refrigerated.

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