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Latent Print Development with Powders Kit

Latent Print Development with Powders Kit

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Developed in partnership with the forensics experts at Sirchie®

Grade 9–College. Give your students a real-life forensics experience as they discover the science of fingerprint development with powders. Kit is fully correlated to the Next Generation Science Standards® (NGSS) and includes a digital teacher's manual and student guide download.

Students will:

  • Develop latent prints using black and fluorescent magnetic powders
  • Observe prints using an alternate light source
  • Lift prints using hinge lifters
  • Analyze and compare their lifted prints

With materials and tools used globally by crime scene technicians, your students get a truly authentic firsthand experience. Magnetic wands and powders are utilized in this kit to avoid destruction of ridge detail and aid in cleanup. Fluorescent powder illuminated by a UV light makes fingerprints more visible, even on heavily patterned surfaces. Activity is designed for a class of 32 students working in 8 groups of 4 and requires about 60 min of class time.

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