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MAC-T® Big Blue Base with Tall Post and Net

MAC-T® Big Blue Base with Tall Post and Net

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    More versatile than your typical net game base!
    Use to play volleyball, netball, badminton, and more
    Durable PVC base can be filled with water, sand, or pea gravel
    Tip-n-roll wheel feature with durable wheels for easy transport
    Easily insert a tall or short post, then use a single bolt to lock in place to prevent unwanted spinning
    Tall post adjusts from 61 in. - 96 in. H, has a push-pin locking system, and features pre-marked holes for men’s volleyball, women’s volleyball, Jr. volleyball, and badminton official heights
    Lightweight, 20 ft. L x 23 in. W net remains square and taut no matter what the height of the bases
    2 nets at the same height can share 1 post due to the offset, elasticized, hook-and-loop post grabber

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