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Modeling Mitosis and Meiosis 8-Station Kit

Modeling Mitosis and Meiosis 8-Station Kit

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Grade 6–College. Bring mitosis, chromosome replication, meiosis, and genetic inheritance to life with chromosomal modeling. This 8-station kit contains 8 sets of models, each with 2 pairs of model autosomes, a pair of model Y chromosomes, 2 pairs of model X chromosomes, 4 chromosome fragments to model crossing over events, and 3 shapes of varying colors to simulate alleles. Each chromosome can be detached into individual chromatids that have multiple loci for placing alleles. Kit also comes with a teacher's manual that includes background information, instructions for hands-on activities, suggested extension activities, and reproducible student sheets.

FREE 1-year access to digital resources that support NGSS instruction included.

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