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Nasco Big Book Favorites Collection #1

Nasco Big Book Favorites Collection #1

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Nasco has assembled a fantastic collection of your favorite big books! Set includes the five big books listed below.

Feathers for Lunch - Children will delight in this spirited story as they snoop, sneak, and prowl with a hungry cat in a garden full of birds. 40 pages, 10-1/12 in. x 18 in.. Ages 3-7.

I Went Walking - A little boy has an adventure when he goes for a walk and observes a menagerie of colorful animals. 32 pages, 18 in. x 17-3/8 in.. Ages 3-7.

If the Dinosaurs Came Back - What would happen if the dinosaurs returned? Mass destruction? A little boy who yearns for one of his own doesn't think so. 32 pages, 18 in. x 14-3/8 in.. Ages 4-8.

Stellaluna -EL Knocked from her mother's safe embrace by an attacking owl, Stellaluna, a fruit bat, is adopted by the occupants of a bird's nest. 32 pages, 16 in. x 16 in.. Ages 4-8.

The Napping House - A simple tale of people and animals dozing peacefully on a cozy bed until a flea decides to join the slumbering party. 32 pages, 16-13/16 in. x 18 in.. Ages 3-7.

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