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Sedimentary Rocks Collection

Sedimentary Rocks Collection

Excluding Sales Tax

The 15 rocks in this group are those derived from preexisting rocks through the processes of erosion, followed by compaction and chemical precipitation.


Specimens are about 1 1/2" and are number coded and keyed to a list.

Fifteen specimens in compartmented container.


Description of RocksQtyIncluded?
Conglomerate (Labeled '1')1Included
Arkose (Labeled '2')1Included
Sandstone (Labeled '3')1Included
Quartz Sandstone (Labeled '4')1Included
Oil Shale (Labeled '5')1Included
Shale (Labeled '6')1Included
Breccia (Labeled '7')1Included
Limestone (Labeled '8')1Included
Gypsum (Labeled '9')1Included
Fossil Limestone (Labeled '10')1Included
Dolomite (Labeled '11')1Included
Travertine (Labeled '12')1Included
Rock Salt (Labeled '13')1Included
Tufa (Labeled '14')1Included
Bituminous Coal (Labeled '15')1Included

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