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Teaching Aid Supplier

Singapore Teachers Find Valuable Instructional Materials at a Teacher Supply Store or Through a Teaching Aid Supplier

Teaching is one of the most important professions there is. Reaching children and helping them to get the highest quality education is very important and admirable. Using teaching aids and instructional materials make any teacher's job easier and more powerful. Children love to learn, especially when they have opportunities to manipulate teaching tools and interact with objects.


Science becomes much more interesting when students are allowed to use a pocket weather tracker, a microscope, or see a model of our body's internal organs. Geography becomes more meaningful when students can see a cutaway volcano model, use a compass, or see the entire world laid out before them on a geophysical world relief map. Math can make more sense and become fun with counting and sorting materials, geometry manipulatives, and games. The arts can be explored and the imagination can grow through paint, ceramics, and craft supplies, and these projects can be displayed proudly on display boards. Healthcare and nutrition can be explored through food replica kits, manikins, and models. Children can get a good workout and learn about teamwork using high quality sports equipment. Early learners can be enriched through educational play with puzzles, ribbon wands, musical instruments, building toys, and pretend play.


Carolina Biological Supply Singapore, a teaching aid supplier, works hard to provide high quality supplies to teachers. We understand how valuable teaching aids are and also how important it is for educators to stay organized. We offer products in our teacher supply store for all subjects as well as valuable tools for classroom organization. Your school can either order online or email us for a quote. Payment is due upon delivery acceptance. We look forward to working with you and enhancing the educational experiences of children at your school.

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