50 Mindfulness Activities Card Set

50 Mindfulness Activities Card Set

SKU: EL16742E

Grades PreK-5. 

Double-sided activity card set that uses fun and engaging games and activities to help students become more focused, manage more difficult emotions, and practice a more caring and compassionate attitude. Cards teach focus and breathing skills, how to respond calmly, gratitude, passion, and kindness. Activity cards are divided into 4 groups so that the student may easily choose a mindfulness activity that fits their needs at a given moment (e.g. selecting a card from the mindfulness breating category when feeling angry). Each double-sided card has a colorful image on one side to engage and inspire students in carrying out the activity. Follows an easy step-by-step instruction guide. Designed to be used on a regular basis either alone, with a parent, or in a group. Included contents card can be used as a check-off list.


  • 50 double-sided activity cards and 1 contents card
  • 4-1/2 in. x 7 in.