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Resistance Band RED (EASY)

Resistance Band RED (EASY)

SKU: NC370195
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These latex dura bands are ideal for aerobics and other exercises. They can also be used for warming up before exercises. For effective result, repeat each set of exercise motion 2-3 routines for 15 repetitions each. Regular use helps to strengthen the arms and improve balance. The high quality bands are available in attractive tube packaging.
These dura bands come in three different resistance levels identified by colours:
* Easy - 2.3 kg / Red
* Medium - 4.0 kg / Blue
* Hard - 5.4 kg / Purple
Dimensions Of the Band:
- Red (easy) : 250cm(L) x 15cm(W)
- Blue (medium) : 250cm(L) x 15cm(W)
- Purple (hard) : 250cm(L) x 15cm(W)

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